Look at This!

The stars shining in the grass, hanging in beads from each blade, inflamed by the sunlight . . .

The mountain, with its intricate web of caverns and tunnels and mines, that is each tree stump!

The epic untold story of one lonely hero despised as a villain: the misunderstood wasp . . .

The romance in a single beautiful flower!

Look at This!

Photo Credit: Shyn Darkly via Compfight cc

The heartrending struggle of a mosquito . . .

The tragedy of the rotting log . . .

The adventure of a raindrop . . .

O what private knowledge has the bird,
What secret has she overheard?
Why does she sing so lofty and snide,
What human folly she deride?

What dream hangs from a spider’s web?

What legend does a leaf have to tell?

All the stories that hide in a tree . . .

Have you ever stopped to watch a rose grow?

Emotion comes from within; inspiration comes from without. The things we see, and how they make us feel: this is what writing is about. This is what it means to explore. This is what it means to live. This is what it means to love.


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