Four Pillars of Society, And How to Topple Them

Federal Way Conservative

There are four pillars that hold society together. These are institutions that are critical to any functioning group. Without them, the survival of the group is in peril.

We all agree that government is one of those pillars. Government exists to fight evil with force. In government, we bestow the right to kill, imprison, write laws, and enforce them. Without government, it is a simple matter for evil men to band together and overpower the good. Government is simply good men banding together to keep evil men from doing so.

The second institution is business. We need to be economically prosperous, and our amoral corporations are the way we do this. This allows people to come together to seek the economic benefit of themselves, and thus each other. Without business, it is impossible to grow and move food around society, and impossible to secure the physical blessings of liberty.


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