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Did you ever wonder what writers do when they’re not writing for their novels? It’s simple, really: they write short stories.

When I write short stories, they tend to be a little random. They’re meant to be fun and free, written with simplicity and ease just for the plain, unburdened joy of writing. As I like to say, it’s doodling with words; unrestrained, natural, creative, unhindered by the pressures that taking my art “seriously” can sometimes put on the artistic process. It’s an opportunity to remind myself that the artistic process is at its best when it’s given its rein. I write novels to relieve myself of some tensions of life; I write short stories to relieve myself of some tensions of writing novels.

Sometimes they’re too personal, sometimes quite honestly they’re too poor or absurd. That, too, is all part of the process that relaxes me and give me joy.

Like to read a few? I tend to post a new short story every couple weeks, so if you’d like to keep up, sign up! Think you’re free? Follow me!


Featured Short Stories

Clouds —— A story about love, short and sweet—all too short.

Gay Paris —— Have you ever wanted to travel to Paris, but could never afford it?


Philosophia Venereum

It all started out with Pons ad Sapientium, a short story I published in Crooked Ways. Humorous, light-hearted, and I confess, reflective to a fault, this series of special short stories is very close to my heart. These stories are a vivid depiction of my own lifestyle, behavior, and dreams. For my protagonists, I selected an imaginary couple I know very well, and use them to explore grand ideas by catching the pair of them in odd moments when the combination of their personalities makes life a little surreal and a little abstracted, opening them to unusual thoughts. Or, you know, something like that. Seriously, I’m just making up ways of describing what subconscious meaning may justify the stories, because people tend to like to do that, you know? But honestly, I just write ’em to have fun–to dream, to hope, to think, maybe to inspire.


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