Who Am I?

Greetings and salutations! And if you prefer; yo, ‘sup.

Author Hand Writing ImageI’ve wanted to be a novelist since I was young. Being an introvert and a homeschooler, I of course had no social life, and spent my time reading and writing instead. I chose to skip college, keeping my wits and finances intact, and set out into the cruel contrasted world of entrepreneurism and art, and received an education from the harsh tutor Experience. Soon giving up on real work, I started writing novels. My own search for truth led me to the mystery genre, a fitting allegory. When I’m not writing, I’m either finding ways to inveigle you to buy books, or staring out windows and plotting what I’ll write next. As you can tell, I still have no social life.

I believe in God. I believe in true love. I believe in art. I like to think we can reach for the unreachable. Come, talk with me, and let us reason together.

That’s what I am. But who am I, really? Do you want to know?

A Musing Author

Passion. What is passion? I believe that to be passionate is to love something unconditionally; a passion is something you love and don’t care why. Passion means you love something because you love it. But at the same time you understand that passion, you know why you love it, and you can explain it. If you’re truly passionate, your reasons can be put into words. To be passionate is to love, without caring why, but knowing why.

For example, writing. I am passionate about writing. I have been since I learned to read. But why?

Because I enjoy creating worlds; I enjoy creating places and people and stories and controlling everything that happens within them. I like making people as I want them to be, making them act as I want them to, and making things occur as I want them to. I enjoy taking my thoughts and ideas and even feelings and grounding them in words. I enjoy exploring the realms of my imagination and sharing them with foreigners. I enjoy the learning process that is even more a part of writing than of reading.

So I’m passionate about literature for a variety of reasons: curiosity, idealism, a spirit of adventure, perhaps a little generosity, a little altruism, some selfishness, and a lust for power; basically because I am human, and I like to be in tune with every aspect of my being. I write to express myself, to myself: I search through myself and at the same time search for myself, to better understand myself, and my place in the world around me, and the things I can do for it, and the person I can be, and how to be that person better. I want to see myself, the good, the bad, and the ugly; and I want to make that person I see into a better person, and a better instrument for writing.

I am also passionate about God. Maybe you’re not, but that doesn’t matter to me; we all have our passions, and I’ll respect yours if you respect mine. I am glad to be passionate about the Lord: I love Him, and I serve Him to the best of my ability. I consider myself God’s pen: only one of His many pens – there may be better, worthier pens in His arsenal – but nevertheless, I am His own pen, made to write. Writing is an act of letting God take my heart in His hand, dip it in an inkwell, and conduct it across the page in willful, coordinated movements. Every time I breathe, the breath God breathed into me comes out; every time I write, the words God gave me are written. It brings my heart closer to God. I write because it’s watching a miracle unfold before my eyes. To me, that’s something amazing.

And here’s something we can all agree on: this world needs to be a better place. That’s another reason I am passionate about writing. I’m not writing to force people to change to my way of thinking. It’s not my mission to proselytize anyone. Just the opposite. I am writing to make peace, and to find harmony even amidst conflict. The world is a beautiful place, and as a writer I know that: and I want to share that with people. That is what I am writing about, and what I am writing for, every day. Even if it’s just a small one, I am making a change for the better every time I write.

I write because it is my passion. I write as an act of religious devotion. I write because I want this world to be a better place. I write because it’s my calling, my destiny; because I was made to write, because I could not do anything else.

Who am I? I am a passionate writer. That’s all that matters.



Quote Me On This

We can but have Faith, for though we can not see beyond our own noses, God always knows what lay ahead.

– Leo Westmacott, The Second Death

What I’m doing, what you and I and Rachel are all doing is wrong, I believe that and there’s no getting around it. But it’s one of those things that’s a little piece right and a little piece wrong, and there’s enough right in it to make it worth doing anyway. I’m not justifying the evil in it, but I’m fighting for the right in it anyway. I guess we can’t always do right without doing a little wrong too. Maybe because there’s a mistake in it somewhere or maybe because it can’t be helped. It’s hard to be sure sometimes. But as long as the end is the greater good, and the means is a lesser evil, it’s worth-while.

– Pattrick Clayton, Red and Lowring

Maybe that’s why we fear death. Because it’s a step into the unknown, the most potent of fears. But it’s still childish. Are we afraid to sleep at night because we dread our dreams? Are dreams anything to be afraid of? Dreams are beautiful things! Why should we waste the day being afraid of the night?

– Protagonist, “Pons ad Sapientium,” Crooked Ways

It’s truth. It’s what we work for, it’s what we fight for, it’s what we live to find. And most people, I believe, are like that. Not just detectives. We all crave truth, and these days, we’re starved for it. I always think how much better a place the world would be if every one were honest.

– Pattrick Clayton, Red and Lowring

Reality is what you see with only your heart. When you learn to see without relying on your treacherous senses or the deceptions of others, you will find wisdom.

– Wisdom, “Celestial Phantom,” Constellations

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