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Blogging F.O.R. a Reason: Getting Back Into Blogging

Photo Credit: horizontal.integration via Compfight cc (altered)

Photo Credit: horizontal.integration via Compfight cc (altered)

Time to come clean about my five-month hiatus and what caused it.

I’m lazy.

All right, it’s not quite that simple. Ultimately, that’s the answer, but it’s more involved than it sounds. Let’s delve into this, and we’ll call it . . .

Blogging F.O.R. a Reason: Getting Back Into Blogging

Because people like to remember things this way, and because it works, you guessed it, F.O.R. is an acronym for remembering the three elements of my new blogging mantra.

(It might also have been the FORD system for introverts who aren’t comfortable bringing up dreams with strangers, and if that was your guess, it wasn’t a bad one. Even though it was wrong. Shame on you.)

And yes, I just came up with that acronym on the spot and oh-aren’t-I-clever (never as clever as I like to think).

F is F.O.R. Fear

Laziness. What is it? It’s a fear, I think. Some might say a fear of hard work, but I believe it goes deeper than that. I believe laziness is the fear of failure.

Don’t try and you can’t fail, right? That’s how it feels sometimes. Blogging (or writing of any kind) can feel futile sometimes because it’s almost like writing a message in a bottle. For one thing, the bottle might just sink. Or it might end up in the hands of somebody who has no use for the message. The chances are really incredibly slim that your message will reach someone who can use it.

You’re afraid of those who don’t want your message, the ones who don’t know how to use it and will scoff at you for throwing it into the sea. When you think of these people, you can just hear them: Keep your message to yourself. Nobody wants to hear it. Nobody will listen to you.

So you don’t throw the message. Instead, you just stay stranded on your little island, alone, stationary. You’re not going anywhere, but at least you didn’t stick your neck out and fail, right?


I’m sure you’ve heard it said: If you try, you might not succeed, but if you don’t try, you can’t possibly succeed. Well, believe it. It’s true.

It can be tough to put yourself out there and tell the world what you’re thinking. You’re always wondering if anybody will listen or if anybody will care. You don’t have the answers. You’re always doubting.

The first step is recognizing what you’re afraid of and why. The second step is remembering why you ever started blogging in the first place.

O is F.O.R. Objective

Surely you had a reason to start a blog? Of course you did. You had something you wanted to say. You had a message you wanted heard.

No, wait, sorry. You have something you need to say. You have a message that should be heard.

If you keep it to yourself, it won’t be. You have to put it out there.

Take me, for instance. I have a message that should be heard, but until today, I forgot what it was. I had to read the Who Am I? section of my own blog to answer that titular question. This is what I discovered:

“I write because it is my passion. I write as an act of religious devotion. I write because I want this world to be a better place.”

Because I want this world to be a better place. Because I want to search and understand myself and to encourage others to do the same and help them in that effort. Isn’t that worth sticking my neck out for?

Chances are that something like 99% of the people who find my blog, won’t care what I have to say. They won’t listen and they might misunderstand me. Sure. It happens.

But I write for that one out of a hundred, that 1% who will hear my message and will care. Because no matter how many people there are out there who won’t give a flying fart, there’s always the 1% who will be touched by what you have to say.

I discovered that recently when I received an email from some one who’d read a comment I posted on an article across the internet. They googled my name and found my blog, and my email, and got in touch with me to tell me they appreciated what I said in that comment.

I posted that comment a couple of months ago, and I almost didn’t post it at all, because I wasn’t sure I wanted to stick my neck out. But I did, because I felt what I had to say needed to be said. And somebody found my comment, and it meant something to them, enough that they sought me out to tell me so.

And just think: if they hadn’t sought me out, if they hadn’t stuck their neck out, it might have been months more before I found the courage to blog again.

They reminded me why I do what I do. This is your invitation to remember why you’ve read this far into my article. Remind yourself why you started blogging.

R is F.O.R. Resolution

When the idea for this article hit me, I almost said, Nah, I’ll write it later. Tomorrow. Tomorrow’ll be a good day. I’ll do it then.

No. I won’t. I knew I wouldn’t.

It’s now or it’s never. No matter what your objective is, it’s nothing but an empty good intention until you act on it. You have to take action. You have to resolve to blog.

Maybe your New Year’s resolution was to start a blog or to post every week or every day. By now, you’ve probably failed that resolution. Try again. Maybe you want to abandon it. Don’t.

Think of what’s at stake. Your voice risks going unheard. Your message might never reach the person it could touch and inspire. If you don’t take action, nobody will ever hear what you have to say.

So go. Go! Sit down at your typewriter and bleed. Cry if you don’t want to do it. Shake if you’re afraid. Just don’t let anything stop you. Never forget why you’re in that chair typing away on that keyboard.

You’re blogging for a reason.

Get Into Blogging

I assume, if you’ve read this far, you have a blog, had a blog, or intend to start a blog. If you do, great, keep it up; if you had one, get back into it, or start a new one if that’s your inclination; if you intend to start one, yes, God yes, go do it.

You need to be heard.

Just remember: Never fear. Focus on your objective. Resolve to take action. Fear, Objective, Resolve, because you’re blogging F.O.R. a reason.

And it’s a pretty good reason, isn’t it?
Do you have a message you want to share with the world? Go share it.

Do you have a message you want to share with me? Comment below, or contact me.

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