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Quoth the Good Doctor

“You’ll miss the best things if you keep your eyes shut.” ~ Dr. Seuss


Some people miss the sunshine because they’re too busy covering their eyes up with sunglasses, don’t you think?

I like to pay attention. I like to notice everything I can. A writer should – everything you see might be material for your next book. Even if it’s not . . . it’s material for the soul.

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Quoth Lao Tzu

I have my hands full trying to control myself, much less other people. I just want to master myself and leave everybody else to God – the only One who can deal with them.


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Quoth C.S. Lewis: Made for Another World



In context, this quote from Mere Christianity probably refers to a soul yearning for God and His kingdom. (I say “probably” because I haven’t actually had the pleasure of reading that one yet. Seriously recommend Screwtape Letters though. I digress.)

However, I also think it refers to creative people, yearning for things that don’t exist in this world, and creating them.

Or, you know, it might mean psychopaths who traipse around town in their everyday clothes with regal robes and gold crowns thrown on. I’m leaning toward the heart of creative people personally, but hey, if you like that interpretation best, whatever paddles your canoe.

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Quoth Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee’s got a lot of the uncommon sense that a lot of common people could sure use. Very inspirational.

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Changing the World Starts at Home

Because here’s the thing. Here’s the thing that a lot of us, too many of us, myself included, don’t get, and certainly don’t live by.

"Be the change you want to see in the world."

Mahatma Gandhi

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

— Mahatma Gandhi

That’s it. Do you realize how much better life would be if people lived by their ideals before they started forcing them on everyone else?

If everyone in the world had to earn a license before trying to improve other people, very few people would be legally authorized to improve the world, and it might actually improve. Only the people who were actually successfully living by their grand theories would be granted these licenses, and only those people would be allowed to tell people how to live their lives.

Because obviously, they know what they’re talking about by experience. Their theories are more than theories. Most of us build our theories on ideas, whims, desires, and as for facts, a few, but only the facts we like.

by Виталий Смолыгин

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But you have no right making a “better” world if you’re not trying to be a better person. Until you have a real tangible idea of what a better world is, because you’ve lived it and seen it first hand, you don’t know what you’re fighting for.


Be the Change You Want to See

Don’t try to control the world just because you can’t control yourself. And for once be honest with yourself and admit that that’s exactly what you’re doing.

The best, the only way to lead is by example. You can’t tell people they’re living their life the wrong way and expect them to like you, much less believe you. If you want them to believe they could be living a better life and buy into your formula for it, you have to be giving them demonstrations and free samples. Live the life you’re advertising.

by Fran Hogan

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Be the person you’re telling them they should be, be the better world you want to exist. Even when it’s hard. Show them the effects and the benefits of living the way you want to live. Treat them with the love, the kindness, and the sympathy you think the world needs.

Don’t be a hypocrite and a bigoted prude. If you’re not living by your “morals” then you have no right preaching your empty theories. You want to help people improve? Support them on their terms, not yours.

Another important thing to remember is that a perfect world isn’t as far away as it seems. The individual, if they look for it, can tap into that world, and experience paradise in their own life. It’s there for anyone who chooses it—it’s a choice. The world is what you choose to make it, so choose happiness.

We all need to spend less time trying to change the world, and more time trying to change ourselves.


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This is What You Shall Do . . .


from the foreword to “Leaves of Grass”

Wise words no matter who you are. A particularly meaningful reminder for Christians, as well.


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Quoth Seuss

Quoth Seuss

Dr. Seuss is a wise man. Don’t you think?



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Quoth Rilke

Rilke’s words are wise; his language is beautiful.

via www.brainguidance.com

With any quote that touches you, but especially Rilke, you must absorb the words; you must read them, open your eyes to them, open your heart to them, and feel what they mean to you.


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