Watterson on Art and Commercialism

by Bill Watterson via GoComics

Some of my favorite comics nowadays are the ones when Calvin, whether by drawing on the sidewalk or doodling for art class, provides an analogy of Watterson’s own art, allowing him to voice his thoughts on the subject. This one, especially, depicts one of his greatest struggles, and no doubt his biggest annoyance, as an artist.

He also gives voice to a lot of my own feelings, as a writer, toward the modern world of art. We live in an age that lives day and night on commercialism. It’s a struggle for me to uphold my integrity as a writer while the tides are trying to drag me down. At least, as an indie author, I have more control over my own fate as an artist, and though it’s difficult, I can still fight for my beliefs as an artist and a Christian, and find ways to meet the practical needs of my craft without descending to the “crass and shallow values” my art “should transcend.”



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