So You Think Writing Is Easy?

So you think writing is easy?

Do you?

You think writing is rewarding?

Do you?

You think writing is fun?

Do you?

Photo Credit: horizontal.integration via Compfight cc (altered)

Photo Credit: horizontal.integration via Compfight cc (altered)

Writing Is an Addiction

Nobody writes because they enjoy it. They write because they can’t stop. They write because, for some reason, they need it. They write until they can’t stand it. They write till they hate themselves for writing. They write until they hate everything they write. They write until their mind scream at them to stop and calls them an idiot and tries to find a way out of writing.

But they don’t stop. They never stop. No writer stops writing—because they’re already addicted. They can’t turn back now that they’ve tasted words. They hate words and they hate writing—but they can’t stop.

Writing Is a Disappointment

The fact is, they write, and maybe they overcome every obstacle life tries to throw at them and manage to write something worth publishing; then maybe, just maybe, they beat all the odds and get their book published; and then they find themselves adrift in a sea of books that will never sell, idiots who have nothing to say but write and publish it anyway, ideal readers who are reading someone else’s books, and blind bigoted readers gorged on Twilight, Hunger Games, Fifty Shades of Grey, not to mention film and television.

There’s a reader out there who will love their book—but the odds are slim that reader will ever find it. There are a lot more readers who won’t love it, and a lot more still who won’t ever know it exists.

Writers Have it Tough

No writer ever wrote because they had a write worth writing about. Who would be crazy enough to create their own worlds to live in, if they already had one worth living in?

Writers write because they have nowhere else to go. Writers write because they need to distance themselves from reality and find meaning in another existence, even if it’s a pseudo-reality based on their own lives with a few idealistic enhancements.

Writers . . . Have the Best Job in the World

Did I scare you away yet? Did I?

No? Why not? Probably because you’re a passionate writer who already knows the big secret about writing.

That secret is: writing is the best thing in the world.

Writing is a journey. Writing is a discovery. Writing is living. Writing may be pain, sorrow, defeat, fear; but more than that, writing is pleasure, writing is joy, writing is hope, writing is courage, and writing is wisdom. It can be tough, it can hurt, but that’s life; the bad has to be taken with the good for the good to be appreciated. And writing has a darn lot of good.

Writing is beauty. Writing is love. Writing is parenthood. Writing is brotherhood. Writing is perfection. Writing is understanding.

I write because I couldn’t do anything else. I write because it’s the only choice I have; I’m a writer, so I have to write. I’m a writer—and I’m glad. I love to write.

Do you?

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