Plan on Winging It

by Karen Arnold

by Karen Arnold

Better yet, do you want to know my secret to getting things done?

It’s a simple secret, but it works for me.

Don’t make plans.

That’s my secret. Nothing profound, just a simple secret that works for me, and might work for you.

Take New Year’s. I didn’t take time aside to reflect on the passing year, and I didn’t waste it looking ahead, either, because I had too much to do in the present. So I concentrated on the moment. Like I was talking about yesterday, my goal is to take things one day at a time, and work my way forward.

Did you read what I just said there? My goal. That’s important. That’s vital to what I’m talking about here. I don’t make plans, I set goals. Because life is constantly changing and plans have to be altered; and if I spent all my time fine-tuning and adjusting my plans, I’d never have time to be doing what I had planned to do.

Set goals, have an idea where you’re headed, take a road map to guide your way; but you still have to get there step by step. You can’t foresee all the potholes and roadblocks, or the roses to stop and smell along the way.

Unless you’re one of those inhuman people (and I admit I have a lot of respect for them, but I’m not one) who rigidly stick to an organized plan and can’t live without one, don’t plan every step of the way. Don’t look ahead to what has to be done, and don’t look back on what hasn’t been done. Look around you, right now, at what you’re doing.


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