Changing This Year

Another year has passed, and taken memories with it. Some good, others bad. Successes, failures . . . regrets?

What do you regret? Are there some things you did in the past year that you’re not so proud of? Are there things you didn’t do you wish you had? If you could live the year over again . . . what would you change?

by George Hodan

by George Hodan

Well, that’s a stupid question. We can’t live the year over again. So why bother asking? What can we say? We can’t go back and change things now. We can only change the future.

Wait, no, where’d that logic come from? How can we change the future? Can we see it? Can we touch it? Can we reach out and just by waving our hands, decide what will happen?

No. Sailors don’t reach the horizon just by looking at it and blinking. Go ahead, keep your eyes on the horizon, and try to ignore the fact that while you’re walking toward it you’re getting wet. Those are just tears of achievement. No, you’re not drowning, you’re just, um – are you all right? Should I call someone?

Keep Your Eyes on the Road

We need to stop watching the horizon, and watch where we’re walking instead.

I never make New Years’ Resolutions. Know why?

I learned pretty quickly what most people ignore for a long time. They’re never kept.

Honestly, where did this ridiculous tradition come from? Somehow, just because we have to buy a new calendar and get used to writing a different number when we’re dating our checks, that gives us a greater ability to make resolutions and stick to them? Admittedly, it works for some people; I guess it gives them a psychological edge. I don’t know. But you’re with me, right? It’s never worked for us, has it?

You know what’s worked for me? Making a resolution when I need to, any old dang day of the year.

I don’t wait for the end of the year. I don’t wait at all. Instead of saying “This year, I’m going to–“ or even “Tomorrow, I’m going to–” I say “Today, I’m going to—-and I’m going to get it done.”

And does it always work?


Don’t Change Then. Change Now.

I’m not perfect. Nobody is. This is something we all need to work at. It’s not something you give up on. You just don’t. You don’t put it off, you don’t let yourself lose motivation, you don’t wait for a psychological edge that fades for another 365 days.

I believe it’s as simple, and as hard, as the old adage says.

You have to live life one day at a time.

You want to make a change? Make it now. Remember when you were a stubborn child who wanted everything their way, and didn’t want to wait for it? Channel that inner child. There are things beyond our control, and things we don’t have to wait for, this is true; but sometimes, too often, there are things within our control, but we get lazy and put them off. What can I control, if I can’t control myself? I just need to do it.

Don’t put it off. Be a stubborn child with yourself. What do you want? Throw a tantrum until you get your way with yourself, and don’t wait for it.

That’s the secret. It’s not always an easy thing, and I have as much trouble with it as anyone; but I work at it.

Are you ready to change? The world’s waiting, and so are you. So change now.


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