Leo in LEGO

Dear writers,

I’m a writer because I refuse to grow up. I haven’t let go of the mindset of the little boy who sits in the playroom, conducting dramatic battles or undertaking epic journeys with his toys. I’m still the child in the playground, hiding from the spy lurking behind the tree or turning the swing into a griffin carrying me through the sky.

I still build and play with LEGO when I can find the time. I am what we fanatics call an AFOL, or an Adult Fan of LEGO. It’s like writing with plastic.

I think every writer started similarly: playing with toys, using plastic to write stories their youthful literacy (or lack thereof) was not quite ready to write with words. Some of my best ideas came from playing with LEGO. Many of my favorite characters were born of plastic. Leo Westmacott and Pattrick Clayton—protagonists of The Second Death—were no exceptions. Over time, they were joined (and perfected) by Rachel Slaytor.

Leo in LEGO

Here we a photograph of a LEGO Westmacott and a Plastic Clayton. But I wouldn’t dare make a pun out of Rachel’s name, even if I could think of one.

Leo in LEGO - Color

And as an extra treat for any LEGO enthusiasts out there, enjoy these pictures for a closer look at the wheelchair and its construction:

Writing with LEGO - Weelchair 1

Writing with LEGO - Wheelchair 2


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