How Real Writers Learn to Write

How Real Writers Learn to Write

Writing is not a science. Writing is an art. If you want to learn to write, there’s only one way to do it.

You have to write.

Learning to Write

That’s not something anyone can teach you to do. It’s something you learn to do yourself, by writing. You can bury yourself in a pile of books and learn everything there is to learn on the science of writing, or you can relax and let your own creativity flow.

You can flout every rule and still be great or you can follow every rule and still be rotten. This is creative writing. Where’s the creativity if you’re just doing what someone else told you to do?

There’s a writer inside of you. Your hands are itching to write. Get them off the covers of a book and onto a sheet of paper. Let your inner writer out.

How You Can Write Like a Professional

Are you one of those people who have had dreams of writing but always figured you didn’t have the talent or the time?

Would you like to learn to write, right now? Give me fifteen minutes, or even just five.

Put away those writing workshop applications and those how-to books.

The only way to learn to write is to put the goldarn pencil to paper and write. This is creative writing. You won’t find creativity sitting in class or reading someone else’s book. You’ll find creativity by sitting down at a keyboard and being creative.

I’ve made the mistake of reading how-to books. I’ve made the mistake of expecting other people to teach me how to write. Do you want to know what I learned from them?

They taught me that they have nothing to teach me. That is the most important lesson, and just about the only lesson, anyone can teach anyone else about writing.

You have to teach yourself. How do you do that? Sit down right now and write something. Start with this:

afaslfh emhg

Feel good? Don’t stop now; keep going. Pretty soon you’ll realize that you’re writing.

How Real Writers Improve

Now here’s a neat trick. Wanna know what real writers do to improve their writing?

They read.

Fiction and nonfiction, novels and magazines, advertisements and street signs. Just read. Exercise those mental muscles that feed on words. Bodybuilders get stronger by exercising and eating right. Writing is great, but if you’re not feeding your mind on words, you won’t build much muscle.

Even how-to books have their place here. They can’t teach you to write—but they can give you ideas.

Go read. Broaden your horizons. You’ll be amazed by the places inspiration will hit you from.

How to Excel

This is where it comes down to separating the wheat from the chaff. This is the one uncontestable law, outright law, of writing. If you do not obey this commandment, you will not succeed in writing.

Be passionate.

That’s what makes good writers great writers. That’s what turns ordinary people into artists. Passion.

Without passion, your writing will be flat. Without passion, you won’t find creativity. Without passion, you won’t be able to dedicate yourself.

Because writing is tough, it’s true. It takes hard work and dedication; two things that come from the root of all writing, passion.

Do you love writing? Do you really love writing so much that you couldn’t live without it?

That shouldn’t be hard to answer, if you’re passionate. Are you?

Good. That’s what I thought.

Now do yourself a favor and go write something. “Once upon a time adujiahfuehg . . .”


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