Come On, Just Love

Dear reader,

I have a message for you today. It’s a short one. It won’t take long to tell.

But it’s important.

And I just hope that you’ll take it to heart, and more, help me take it out into the world.

Come On, Just Love

The problem, and I think possibly the biggest problem, with this world is a lack of love. Even superficially, there is less and less love in this world. But true love–true, heartfelt, selfless compassion–is even harder to find.

Love has become a practical thing.

We love others based on what they have done for us, or what they can do for us, or not at all if they have nothing to offer us.

But that’s not love. Love doesn’t need a reason. Love makes its own reasons.

But love has become a matter of pragmatism, and so often that means selifhsness. Unfortunately, people are mundanely, blindly, bleakly practical. So stop it. Love someone for no reason. Don’t be pragmatic. Don’t be selfish. It’s a depressing world if you’re selfish. Just love it, love the world, love everybody, and what is there to be depressed about?

Just get out there and fall in love–with the whole world.

And if you’re asking yourself now how you can apply this practically, you’re already losing that fight.

Love isn’t practical. It’s not something you apply! It’s something you feel! Love is something you make practical!

So just love. I can’t tell you how. It’s not something you think about. It’s not even something you do, it’s something that just naturally happens in your heart if you let it. Just–love!


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