You Are a Success

Some days I feel like I’m failing. As if I’m not doing everything I should be, or I’m not doing enough. Maybe it’s because I’m not getting all my work done, maybe I’m hitting more snags than usual in my writing, maybe I’m just frustrated with my small place in the world and I find myself wishing it were bigger. You know the feeling.

You’re small, you’re insignificant, you’re capable of so much more but you’re just not doing it. You have so much potential but it’s not being fulfilled. You’re doing so much, but it’s not enough, it’s never enough. You want to be more. You want to do greater things. You want to make a bigger difference in the world.

Success Trophy

by Peter Griffin

But you are.

Nobody is bigger than anybody else. I may be a monarch, a senator, a business president, or a Burger King fry cook. Whatever I am, I am a success, because I am out there, doing something; I am out there, doing my part, making my effort, and making that difference, however “small.”

In God’s eyes, we are all equal. He does not judge us by our friends or coworkers, but by ourselves, and how much we’re doing to be ourselves. He made us who we are, and He led us to where we are; and because we followed, because we made it here, we have succeeded. We have fulfilled our purpose. Maybe it was a smile, maybe it was a kind word, maybe it was as small as a donated dollar or as big as a mission trip; we have done our part, and we have made our difference.

Don’t get me wrong. We should always strive to be better–just like you strove to be better yesterday, and now you are. Just like every day we strive to do more than we did yesterday. And don’t you see? Every day we succeed, every day we do something we didn’t do yesterday; every day we do more, every day we grow. Every day we take one small step, and that small step makes us better than we were yesterday. Every day we succeed.

Lately I’ve been stressed; there are so many projects on my plate, including but not limited to an ever-growing number of writing projects. But it’s not all getting done. You know what that’s like: There’s so much to do and there’s so little time to do it.

But then today I was reading, and I paused to stare out the window; and suddenly it occurred to me: Look where I am. I never thought I would be here, not so soon. Why am I so worried about where I’m going? I thought, I’ve made it this far, haven’t I? If I’ve proved that, why should I be afraid I can’t go as much farther?

I am me. That’s all I was ever meant to be. And the best thing I can do for this world is be who I am.

You are a hero. You are a gifted person, and you are sharing your gifts with the world. You are making a difference. You are a success.

Go be the success you are.


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