In Leaps and Boundaries

by Nuzrath Nuzree

Dear readers,

A lot of things in life have boundaries. It may be marriage, family, religion, a job. Sometimes it feels like these things are holding you back, and these boundaries become walls, making life into a prison. You want to fly loose and free, but the weight of responsibility is keeping you down.

But life isn’t a prison. It’s more like a library. A library has boundaries, a library has walls, but it’s no prison, is it? I can think of few places that give me as much freedom.

But if I want to enjoy the library’s blessings, I have to stay inside its walls. Even if I take its blessings with me, outside the walls, I have to live within boundaries and bring the book back. But I don’t complain, because I know these boundaries are holding my blessings in place.

In a library, I am free. I can go anywhere, be anyone, do anything: my imagination is my only guide. In a library we’re surrounded on all sides by blessings. Life is the same. But we’re so busy wondering what’s outside the walls that we ignore our blessings.

I’ve been outside. I’ve seen what’s outside those walls. Now, I’m only human, and I like to borrow a book so I can go outside the library’s walls and explore. But no excursion has to exceed my boundaries. I’ll be back before my book is due. I’ll go outside the walls for a breath of fresh air, but I won’t go outside my boundaries. I’ll soon return, and I’ll be content. My blessings are waiting for me.

The next time you feel as if you’re trapped inside prison walls, stop and ask yourself: Are these walls holding you prisoner, or are they holding in all your blessings?


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